Super Giant Leopard Gecko Morph – Facts & Buying Guide

The Super Giant Leopard Gecko morph has only been discovered in 1999, but is now well-known and popular for breeding impressively large Leopard Geckos. Male Super Giants reach over 11 inches in length and a weight of over 110g – compared to a normal maximum size of about 10 inches and 80g maximum weight.

As a co-dominant trait, Super Giant geckos can be bred with any other common morphs to produce regular, Giant, or Super Giant Leopard Geckos with any of the popular color patterns like Mack Snows or Tangerine.

Super Giant Leopard Gecko comparison
Regular vs Super Giant Leopard Gecko size comparison (source)

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Traits of the Super Giant Leopard Gecko

Unlike many other Leopard Gecko morphs, the Super Giant trait only affects the size and weight of the reptile. Color patterns and eyes are unaffected. This makes it a desirable trait to up-size any other style of gecko. However, only when breeding a Super Giant to a Giant or Super Giant is there a chance for a new Super Giant to hatch. Over generations, though, almost any common morph can be bred as Super Giants.

On online marketplaces, you can find these huge variants with many patterns – from Mandarin Tangerines Super Giants to Super Giant Mack Snows and Diablo Blancos.

Different Super Giants sold on

History of the Super Giant Leopard Gecko

First discovered by chance in 1999 by the breeder Ron Tremper, then selectively bred to research this new trait, it has soon become available for breeding and buying across the globe. The largest known Super Giant Leopard Gecko is one called “Godzilla” by breeder Steve Sykes, measuring a total of 11,8 inches.

The well-known Super Giant “Moose”, grandson of the original Super Giant by Ron Tremper, has become the origin of a new line of his own. As a pure homozygous Super Giant albino, he was used to breed more and more of these massive Leopard Geckos, until after three generations of successful breeding, the first Super Giant Leopard Geckos were available for sale.

Super Giant Leopard Gecko
A claimed 12-inch Super Giant Leopard Gecko by

Super Giant Leopard Geckos for sale & price guide

When buying a Super Giant Leopard Gecko, you can expect prices to be higher than normal. Usually starting at around $200, and going up to $1,000 for rarer breeds, these Leopard Geckos are a bit more expensive than regular-sized ones.

However, keep in mind that the expenses don’t stop there – a bigger reptile needs a bigger enclosure! A regular 20-gallon tank won’t be enough. We recommend going for bigger tanks anyway, but a Super Giant will make it a necessity. Read more on our recommendations for picking a Leopard Gecko tank here.

Additionally, a larger gecko needs more food. This also adds up to some additional expenses over time.

As always, only buy from a trustworthy breeder and prioritize quality and professionality over getting a good deal – buying a new pet gecko that is healthy is more important than saving a few bucks.

Trustworthy breeders can be found online, but will depend on your location. You don’t want to order from halfway across the world. Your gecko should be shipped and delivered within a day in special reptile shipping containers and handled with care. This will cost extra (usually around 20-40$), but is a necessary part of buying pets online. Before making a purchase, make sure to read real reviews about the site on reptile forums. Don’t trust the reviews on the vendor’s own site, or you might spend $400 on a Super Giant Leopard Gecko that is malnourished, or not even a Super Giant at all.

Safe options include the sites by the breeders mentioned before: by Steve Sykes and by Ron Tremper (now operated by Julie Bergman).

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