6 Interesting Leopard Gecko Questions (and Answers)

These leopard gecko questions are quite unusual, and may have even more surprising answers! Can you guess them all correctly?

Can leopard geckos get high from weed?

No, leopard geckos can’t get “high” from weed, as they do not have the same endocannabinoid system that mammals do. In addition, the effects of marijuana on reptiles are not well studied and it is not recommended to expose them to the drug.

Finally, both the ingredients and the smoke itself can be very harmful to them and cause health issues like respiratory infections and more.

Nope, those red eyes are not from smoking - and you shouldn't smoke ANYTHING near your leopard gecko!
Nope, those red eyes are not from smoking – and you shouldn’t smoke ANYTHING near your leopard gecko!

Can leopard geckos lie on their back?

Yes, leopard geckos are able to lay on their back, but it is not a common or natural position for them. If you find your leopard gecko on its back, it may be a sign that it is sick or injured and should be examined by a veterinarian. Normally, leopard geckos will lay on their stomach or side.

If your gecko is laying on its back often, it may be a sign of a tumor, or a condition called enigma syndrome. So don’t ignore this behavior, but get your pet checked out by an expert!

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Can leopard geckos breathe on their backs?

Despite the common myth, leopard geckos can breathe while on their backs. However, this is not a natural position for them, since they are completely exposed and unable to quickly escape. This vulnerability can cause quite some stress, which in turn can cause a quick and shallow breath as well as discomfort.

So it’s best to keep your pet on its belly when you handle it, and keep the time it spends on its back to a minimum.

Always try to keep your leopard gecko on the belly and able to move on their own when handling them so that they can feel safe
Always try to keep your leopard gecko on the belly and able to move on its own when handling them so that it can feel safe

Can leopard geckos watch tv?

Many leopard geckos are reported to enjoy watching TV, but there is no indication that they would actually be able to understand the concept of TV or a movie. However, the moving images and loud sounds are likely to catch their attention.

Additionally, they may be able to recognize other animals, so watching a nature documentary may be more interesting to your little gecko than something as abstract (to them) as a crime TV show.

Can leopard geckos feel pain?

According to current scientific understanding, leopard geckos absolutely feel pain! However, this is restricted to a physical level – as they aren’t social animals, emotional pain or pain through empathy is likely impossible for these little geckos.

Leopard geckos have a nervous system that is capable of detecting and responding to potentially harmful stimuli, including injury or tissue damage. If a leopard gecko is in pain, it may display signs such as excessive vocalization, restlessness, decreased appetite, and changes in behavior.

So if it looks or feels like your leopard gecko is in pain about something, carefully inspect them for any obvious signs of injury, then take them to a vet for a thorough inspection.

Can leopard geckos get hurt from falling?

Leopard geckos can absolutely get hurt from falling. Since they are not a tree-climbing species, but a ground-dwelling gecko, they have not evolved for jumping or landing from heights!

However, dropping from a height of 1-3 feet will likely not harm them. When falling on a soft surface, this should be just fine, even though it will likely stress them.

Any more can get dangerous, especially if they fall badly and either land on something hard or sharp, or land awkwardly, like on their back.

If your gecko displays any signs of injury or pain after a fall, it may be good to get them checked by a vet.

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